Random Thoughts on Polyamory and Relationships From a Random Person on the Internet.

Deprogramming Monogamy

I’ve been thinking recently about how I’m 6 years deep into learning about polyamory and living it everyday, yet, I still find myself on monogamous thought tracks. Wwwwhhhhhyyyyy?  I thought I was done with monogamy and had deprogrammed every part out of it out of my brain.  Why is it still there?  Deprogramming your brainContinue reading “Deprogramming Monogamy”

How Do I Know If I’m Hunting Unicorns?

Unicorn Hunting, in the most simplest terms, is the act of an established couple specifically looking for a bisexual person to join their existing relationship.  It’s usually considered Unicorn Hunting when the existing couple hasn’t done the work to disentangle their current relationship enough to see themselves as unique individuals.   It’s widely seen asContinue reading “How Do I Know If I’m Hunting Unicorns?”

Gatekeeping in Polyamory

Well…  I did it.  I reached that point in my polyam journey where it finally happened.  I completely lost touch. I turned into that grumpy old man telling people to get off my lawn. However, in this scenario, the lawn was polyamory.  Yup, I became one of those gatekeepers to polyamory.  I’m really sad becauseContinue reading “Gatekeeping in Polyamory”

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